Ilmainen maistiainen Programming Windows Phone 7 Series -kirjasta kehittäjille – lataa!

Kehittäjät voivat ladata n. 150 sivuisen maksuttoman PDF- tai XPS-otteen tulevasta Charles Petzoldin kirjasta Programming Windows Phone 7 Series. Myös kirjan sisältämiä koodiesimerkkejä on ladattavissa samalta sivulta.

“This is a short “draft preview” of a much longer ebook that will be completed and published
later this year. That later edition will be brilliantly conceived, exquisitely structured, elegantly
written, delightfully witty, and refreshingly free of bugs, but this draft preview is none of that.
It is very obviously a work-in-progress that was created under an impossible timeframe while
targeting quickly evolving software.

Even with this book’s defects and limited scope, I hope it helps get you started in writing
great programs for the Windows Phone 7 Series. Visit for
information about this book and later editions.

Lataa otteita kirjasta.



Tietoja Kitevesku

digitalist, mixed reality, mobility, kitesurfing and vintage VW Bus and Porche enthusiastic.
Kategoria(t): Software. Lisää kestolinkki kirjanmerkkeihisi.


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